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Professional Aikido Club of Mikhail Ignatov

The definition of 'professional' in the name of the club means that during practice sessions along with the techniques also the methods of presentation of the contents of the study are explained and the comparative analysis of the technical base of other styles of Aikido is given. As a result every student of Professional Aikido Club of Mikhail Ignatov can become the first-rate instructor after several years of intensive training.

The club recieves support from Yamada Yoshimitsu (Shihan, 8 Dan Aikido Aikikai, President of New-York Aikikai) and Stephane Benedetti (Shihan, 7 dan Aikido Aikikai, President of Mutokukai). The Club is included within the Mutokukai structure both in Europe and Russia ( The work of the Club embraces people of all ages and it also gives opportunities for further development to Aikido students who already established themselves.

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